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GearCheck 2000 PC Based Analytical Gear Inspection software developed and tested by North East Technologies offers you a user friendly alternative to the conventional strip chart recording system, and will bring new life to your mechanical gear inspection machine.

All data can be entered in any unit of measurement, metric / inch, normal or transverse plane. Also profile evaluation zones can be specified in diameter, radius, linear inches and degrees of roll.

Types of evaluations available via. GearCheck software are DIN, AGMA, As Found, and 3 Zone Evaluation.

One of the unique features of the GearCheck system is our ability to check lead & profile traces in "real time". This means the recorded trace appears on the screen as it is generated. All roll angles and lead positions are specified on the viewer screen.
The GearCheck system also supplies Laser outputs of the test results in graphical and numeric formats. These outputs may also be saved to a file and retrieved at any time.
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